Why Have You Set Up Adventure Travel Blogs?

It’s taken us 15 years to build Adventure Travel into a magazine that is trusted by its readers and a business that is highly respected by the travel and outdoor industries. So, we thought long and hard before setting up this website and offering the use of the Adventure Travel brand as a blogging platform.

Our vision is to create a blogging website to better any traditional magazine. We’re going to do that by building a worldwide community of enthusiastic, passionate, knowledgeable, expert, and maybe even obsessive bloggers covering every conceivable subject that you would find in a specialist ‘travel’ or ‘outdoor activity magazine. Only we’re going to do it better than any traditional magazine, and we’re going to split the advertising revenue with you, the bloggers.
To become the best we have one aim; to help and assist every Adventure Travel Blogger to achieve their blogging ambitions.

Are our Adventure Travel Blogs available to both new and experienced bloggers?

Yes, very much so. If you’re new to blogging then we are here to help and support you. If you’re already publishing a blog then you’ll be well aware of the work involved, the difficulties in gaining a healthy readership and high search engine rankings not to mention the seemingly impossible task of making any money from all your efforts.

By setting up a blog with Adventure Travel you’ll immediately be associated with an established brand which has both the respect and trust of the travel and outdoors industries. You’ll have access to our magazine readers and website visitors, you’ll be joining a blogging community that will thrive through mutual support and when it comes to making money as a Pro Blogger you’ll be working alongside a company that has 15 years of proven success in attracting and keeping advertisers.

What sort of bloggers is Adventure Travel looking for?

First off, you don’t need to have experience in writing or journalism. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic and passionate about travel, outdoor activities, and all the related clothing and equipment who are willing to become part of a community promoting mutual help and advice.

As an Adventure Travel Pro Blogger, you will agree to work to editorial standards that commit to frequency, relevance, and appropriateness of the content that comes under one of three general categories. Outdoor Activities – Outdoor and Travel Gear – Travel.

As a Lifestyle Blogger, you are free to blog about whatever you want (within reason!) just as long as the general theme of the blog is related to either travel, outdoor activities, or the gear and equipment we all use. Everyone is welcome, if you’re a student going on around the world gap year or just like getting out and about on the weekends join up and, er, blog!

What would my Adventure Travel Blog web address be?

Any name you want it to be preceded by www.adventuretravelblogs.com So, if you wanted your site to be ’superman’ the URL would be www.adventuretravelblogs.com/superman You choose the name during registration, and, as this is a new service from Adventure Travel all the good names are available – another good reason to register now.

Will I get support from Adventure Travel Blogs

The short answer is yes. However for practical answers about general WordPress issues we ask that you first check on these pages and the Adventure Travel Blogs private forum for your answers. It’s also a good idea to visit YouTube and search for WordPress Tutorials or do a Google search – there are practical help features on everything to do with WordPress. If you’re still stuck, we will be happy to help.
For all other matters including, but not limited to, feature writing, increasing visitor numbers, and making money from your blog we will always offer support, guidance, and help.

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