Adventure Camping Leadership

Adventure Camping Leadership

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The success or failure of a boys’ camp-site depends upon leadership rather than upon equipment. Boys are prevail by example rather than by precept. A boys’ camp is largely built around a strong personality. Solve the problem of leadership, and you interpret the greatest problem of camping.

The Camping-site Boss:

No matter how big or how small the camp, there have to be one who is in absolute govern. He may be known as the director, superintendent, or chairperson. His word is final. He ought be a man of manager knack and adequate common sense.

He have to own a keen thanks of justice. A die for to be the friend and lawyer of every boy ought usually regulate his movement. He will always keep the concern and good of every individual boy at heart, realizing that parents have literally mephitic upon to his grief and charge, for the spell creature, the bodies and souls of their boys. To be treasured have to be his aim. Too often the desire to be popular leads to failure.

The Settlement Leaders:

Aim to unimperilled as aide-de-camp leaders or counsellors under age men of obvious mark and moral leadership, public school men if possible, men of culture and refinement, who are good athletes, and who understand boy being.

“They ought be strong and sympathetic, companionable men. Too hugely sadness cannot be exercised in choosing assistants. Mind of effeminate men, men who are pathological in sex matters. An alert leader can speck a ‘crooked’ man by his actions, his glances, and by his choice of favorites. Deal alongside a man of this type firmly, instantly, and quietly.

Let him suddenly be ‘called home by station which he could not control.'” The leader must have the loyalty of his assistants. They should come into their rank from the leader, and this rank ought be legal by the entire camp. The highest sort leader present at any time ought have jurisdiction over the reception.

In a boys’ camp I be partial to the term “leader” to that of “counsellor.” It is more natural for a boy to follow a leader than to listen to wise counsellors. “Come on, fellows, let’s–” meets hard by hearty response. “Boys, do this,” is an entirely different possession. Leaders should grasp frequent councils regarding the being of the camp and share in counting its approach.

The most fruitful origin of come up with of leaders should be the colleges and preparatory schools. No vacation can be so profitably spent as that given over to the leadership of boy life. Here is a organization of equitable utility which should appeal to purposeful college men.

Older high school boys who have been campers build excellent leaders of younger boys. A leader should always receive some remuneration for his services, climate carfare and timber or a fixed sum of coin definitely agreed upon already.

The pay should never be so large that he will look upon his position as a “job.” Never protect service with the blinding attractiveness of Brit notes. The leader purpose of pay should be to help deepen the sense of obligation, and prevent free trade and indifference, as well as to achieve the services of living souls who must deserve something.

Do not take a man as leader simply because he has certificates of recommendation. Comprehend him on one’s own. Encounter out what he is able of doing. The following blank I use in securing information:

Leader’s Information Blank:

College or school
Class of
Do you sing? What part (tenor or bass)?
Do you swim?
Do you play baseball? What position?
Do you play an instrument? What?
Will you bring it (unless piano) and music to camp?
Have you won any athletic or aquatic events? What?
Will you bring your school or college pennant with you?
Have you ever taken part in minstrel show, dramatics, or any kind of entertainment; if so, what?
What is your hobby? (If tennis, baseball, swimming, nature study, hiking, photography, athletics, etc., whatever it is, kindly tell about it in order to help in planning the camp activities.)

A Leader’s Pulpit–Sunday Morning in the “Chapel-by-the-Lake”–Camp Becket:

Leaders should not be chosen in order to secure a baseball team, or an athletic team. Select men of diverse gifts. One should know something about nature study, another about manual training, another a good story-teller, another a good athlete or baseball player, another a good swimmer, another a musician, etc. Always remember, however, that the chief qualification should be moral worth.
Before camp opens it is a wise plan to send each leader a letter explaining in detail the purpose and program of the camp. A letter like the following is sent to the leaders of Camps Durrell and Becket.

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