Expect the best Deals From The Airport Transfer Options

Expect the best Deals From The Airport Transfer Options

Stress from the flight can be reduced if the transfer is organized correctly. In here, you can order a car to the airport at least a month. You can ask to meet you with a sign and not carry your luggage across the terminal. In the article we tell about the intricacies of ordering trips to the airport.

How to organize a meeting with a sign

If you do not have time to pick up a loved one from the airport, entrust it to a professional. The driver will meet him with a name plate, help with suitcases and take him home on the Mercedes. To do this, indicate in the comments to the order the flight number and the name of your loved one.

How to call the driver in advance:

Make a reservation at the airport simply – in the application on the order confirmation screen, click on the “Now” field and specify the time.

When you call a car in advance, the driver will wait for you for 30 minutes instead of the usual five. You will have time to gather, check everything and quietly leave the house. If the departure time changes, as it happen on charter flights, pre-order can be canceled for free.

On the way back the driver is also convenient to call in advance. If the flight or baggage is delayed, you will also have half an hour of free waiting.

How much does a ride cost:

Tariffs for transfer for all cities are described in detail on the website. The cost of the trips is fixed and does not change depending on the time of day and traffic jams, but there are three things that can increase the price per trip.

Meeting with a sign:

When the driver meets you with a sign in the terminal, he is forced to use paid parking inside the airport. In this case, its cost will be added to the price of the trip.

Toll roads:

The airport can be reached faster by a toll road, if you are late for a flight or hurry home from the airport. The journey costs from 100 to 250 rubles depending on the time of day.


When you stop for a long time or make a detour on the way to the airport, the transfer is considered to be an ordinary, not a fixed fare. If the stop is less than 15 minutes, for example, when you leave the car to buy water, the cost remains fixed.

The result:

Transfers are more convenient to book in advance and in both directions.The driver will wait for you for half an hour at the airport or near the house.Do not have time to pick up a loved one from the airport – driver will meet him with a sign and take you to your home.The cost of the transfer is known in advance, but meeting with a sign, a toll road and stops make it more expensive.

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