Beautiful Tanzhe Temple Visit With Car Rental

Beautiful Tanzhe Temple Visit With Car Rental

If it is your first time to Beijing, you’d better have a Beijing car rental. Tanzhe Temple is an attracted scenic spot but far away from Beijing downtown. Beijing car rental will make your tour in Tanzhe Temple much easier and more comfortable. Beijing car rental is c convenient service for tourists from other place and countries. Tourists in Beijing are welcomed to Beijing car rental.

Tanzhe Temple is a good place in Beijing private tour. Tanzhe Temple is located in Mentougou District of Beijing and 30km from Beijing downtown. If you have a Beijing car rental service, it will save a lot of time in your tour. It sits south and against Baozhu Peak. Tanzhe Temple seems surrounded by nine dragons. In actually, the nine dragons are nine U-shaped peaks. The grand mountains keep off cold current from northwestern. So here has warm and moist climate.

The temple is designed depend on terrain cleverly with towering old trees, pagodas stand great number, towering temple and famous flowers. You can enjoy at this environment. Tanzhe Temple with high mountains. After your travel, you must tired and do not want to have any walking. So the Beijing car rental is an ideal choice.

Tanzhe Temple was established in 307 and named as Jiafu Temple at first. Kangxi Emperor named it as Youyun Temple. But there is a spring in the back of temple and zhi tree on the mountain, it is named as Tanzhe Temple in folk. Tanzhe temple has longer history than Beijing city according to folk.

There are 9999 and a half rooms in Palace Museum and Tanzhe Temple has 999 and a half rooms. Obviously, Tanzhe Temple is an epitome of Palace Museum. According to that Palace Museum is built imitate Tanzhe Temple. Tanzhe Temple has 943 rooms now including 638 ancient palaces. All of these constructions keep the style and features in Ming and Qing dynasty.

It is the largest temple ancient group in suburbs of Beijing. The whole constructions show aesthetics principle of Chinese old constructions. The right and left side are symmetrical which make the whole construction looks neat. There are various constructive styles such as palace, hall, pavilion, room, lofty, kiosk, floor and altar.

Out of Tanzhe Temple, there are high and low pagoda yards, east and west Guanyin Caves, Anleyanshoutang, Longtan and many scenic spots. They seem like stars spread in it. In recent years, the round of Tanzhe Temple has many modern service facilities to meet needs of guests. Beijing car rental Tanzhe Temple tour will give you a nice time in Beijing tour and make you feel the sincere of Beijing car rental.

Beijing car rental will offers you different sizes’ cars according to your needs and the number of people. Beijing car rental will service you constantly.

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