Classic Escapes Announced as Australia’s Largest Owned Holiday Club

Classic Escapes Announced as Australia’s Largest Owned Holiday Club

Classic Escapes is a boutique travel company specializing in organizing journeys around the world. Established in 1978, this family owned travel company is now Australia’s one of the largest owned holiday club. The company is built on the values of honesty, loyalty and commitment to customer satisfaction. It specialises in all aspects of the timeshare industry including hospitality, training, member services, and representing over 45,000 member families to this club.

The team has years of travel industry experience, and the itineraries are designed based on their knowledge of various worldwide destinations. As such, they take the pride to ensure that the “family” of travel consultants they have is the most knowledgeable and attentive people around. It is their forte to organize a holiday combining the excitement of travel with the joy of learning the world we are living.

They will make arrangement for you to meet with various people in places across the world and make new friends. When you choose to travel with Classic Escapes, it’s like that you are of our own. Right from the moment they begin planning for an exceptional holiday to the day you return back, the company is with you at every step of the way.

Much of its success is because of the Classic’s sole intension to take care of its members above all. Classic Holidays Reviews states that how the members are satisfied after joining the club. They express their interest by appreciating the company and the entire team. Also, you can check out the numerous awards Classic Managed Resorts have achieved for customer service.

Some of the recent awards of the company are- “Certificate of Excellence” Awards for 2013, Classic Holidays’ Perspective Magazine Award and “Best Management Company” Award. According to Classic Holiday Reviews, the customers say that the resort staffs have exceeded their expectations when it came to customer service and are already planning to vacation with Classic Holidays again.

The “End of Financial Year Function” was special as it was celebrating the value of the company’s employees and it has appreciated the incredible 35 year of service to the travel industry. Classic’s strength over the years has been its unique capability to quickly develop products and services and make changes to the situation that suit the ever-evolving market.

During the last few years Classic has seen ups and downs while focusing on its core principles to serve customer and innovation. Looking to the future, the team promised that they will continue to push the level of growth, change and exceptional customer service.

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