Dubai, The Drop at a Time Objectives

Dubai, The Drop at a Time Objectives

Since old Indonesia has always positioned itself as a country at the crossroads of the world. However, the United Arab Emirates is a country that happen in the real world as a place to cross. airport (Airport) Dubai International, which is actually still less from Changi International Airport, Singapore, became an important transit point for world airlines. Emirates airline is connecting the eastern and western parts of the population of the world.

“two-thirds of the world’s population travel through Dubai,” said Mohammed Essa Al Sheikh, Head of the Regional Office of Asia and the Australian Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing Government of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Monday (17/3/2014) ago. Indonesian Journalists invited the Government of Dubai Middle East feel the country is tourism.

Several tourist destinations which are already well known as the highest or greatest in the world. Let’s say the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest acrylic or aquarium in Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall itself including the largest mall in the world other than the mall in China. There is also the Magic Garden Dubai, the world’s largest flower garden. In addition, journalists are also invited to enjoy the old city of Dubai, desert, and beach Hotel and Spa at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray.

A number of projects are also visible skyscrapers under construction. The roads are smooth, complete with the Dubai Metro rail network. The gardens with flowers from Europe also looks neat. Besides tourist destination and well the artificial Sheba, Dubai tourism is the backbone of the airline Emirates.

Airlines has been serving the Jakarta-Dubai for 22 years from August 10, 1992. If the previous flight transit in Singapore and Colombo, Sri Lanka, since October 2, 2008 flight from Jakarta to Dubai-Jakarta done without stopping.

Since March 2, 2014 served nonstop flight three times daily with a Boeing 777 business class and economy. A total of 2,500 seats are available with seat occupancy rate of 80 percent. “Indonesia is important for us because the middle class continues to grow,” said Barry Brown, Senior Vice President Commercial Operations Division East Asia and Australasia Emirates Group.

Though building a world-class city bookmarks wah, Dubai has not become the world’s top tourist destinations. 20 best tourist destinations in the world by National Geographic Traveler December 2013 issue, for example, there is no Dubai in it. Is ranked first is a large bear green forests of British Columbia, Canada. Raja Ampat, West Papua, is ranked 19th.

However, the issue is the competitiveness of Indonesian tourism. In Competitiveness Index Travel and Tourism World Economic Forum in 2013, Switzerland was ranked first. United Arab Emirates is ranked 28th, improved two places from the previous year. Indonesia is ranked 70th, improved ratings compared to four years earlier. government still needs to work to improve tourist arrivals to improve infrastructure

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