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For your Travel adventure, this site dispenses real historical, cultural, and economic information about your travel destination, so that you will have the knowledge and a certain sense of confidence on arrival there.

Travel adventure to an unfamiliar city

Ever been on a travel adventure to an unfamiliar city, state, or country, not knowing anyone there? the anxiety, doubts, and fear that creeps up are enough to make anyone nervous. You do have these feelings and emotions only because, you don’t know anything about the place, people, customs, and maybe the language of the land.You are now embarked on a real historical travel adventure of your life. All aboard, First, we give the history of several travel destinations that you may want to travel to, how to get there and what are some of the more interesting things you may want to see and do.

Vacation in the state of Tennessee

Your adventure starts off with a vacation in the state of Tennessee in the south, then westward Oh! to the state of Arizona, then north to Oregon, and north by northwest to Alaska, after that, we will make a beeline south, far south to the continent of Antarctica.Buckle your seat belts for your travel adventure to Tennessee, Known as the Greatest State in the land. This adventure may conjure up misconceptions you may have had about the state of Tennessee, you can now put that aside and be ready for the travel adventure of your life. There are two major cities in the state, Nashville to the east and Memphis in the southwest, just 200 miles apart.

Nashvillians and Memphians are a very educated bunch

Travel to Tennessee and you will learn that Nashvillians and Memphians are a very educated bunch and their accents are very diverse- a throwback from Yankee, regional and global infiltration, with local colloquialisms providing the common bonding.On your travel adventure to Tennessee, the most distinctive thing that you will notice about Tennessee and the south, in general, is that the language is extremely colorful and descriptive, unlike other parts of the United States.Why say Naked, when Naked as a plucked chicken will convey a more visual and meaningful picture. We also expect you to fill in the g that we drop from ing endings and the d’s from And as in Porky an’ Bess.

Great Smoky Mountain to the Mississippi plains

On a travel adventure around this state, you will find that, Tennessee stretches from the majestic Great Smoky Mountain to the Mississippi plains and that the Smoky is among the oldest mountains in the world, estimated at 200-250 million years old, and one of the highest in the Appalachian chain with a number of peaks rising well over 5000 feet.On this adventure, you are told that Tennessee is referred to as the greatest state in the land of the free. The economy is industry-based and has the world’s largest Bible-producing business.Book a Travel adventure tour to Tennessee and trek The Great Smoky Mountain, which straddles the Tennessee border with North Carolina, with elevation from 840 to 6600 feet up. Over 8 million visitors annually come to these 500,000 plus acres of forests, streams, waterfalls, rivers, and hiking trails.

Adventure to The Tennessee National Park

Adventure to The Tennessee National Park which has been designated an International Biosphere Reserve, by the United Nations, because of its multitude of trees, animals, plants, birds, and fish. More than 100 species of trees and wildflowers offer picturesque scenery.Home to more than 200 species of birds, more than 60 species of fish, 30 varieties of amphibians, this area is well known for its Black Bear, wild hogs, red wolves, wild turkey, groundhogs population.On your travel adventure, ascend to the peaks through the blue mist from which the name Smoky Mountain is taken. This Great Smoky was once the mountain empire of the Cherokee Indians who lived in harmony with nature until they were pushed back into the hills by advancing colonists.

Visit the Oconaluftee Indian Village

Tourists on a travel adventure to Tennessee can visit the Oconaluftee Indian Village to see outdoor drama, which powerfully tells the story about the Cherokee Nation. On your adventure to The Cherokee Indian Reserve located on the southeastern border of the National Park, visit the museums and other attractions, with tours in May through October.Travel adventure to this National Park offers breathtaking scenery and panoramic views, cascading streams, and hardwood forests as far as the eye can see. Mountain ridges are lined with conifer forests above 5000 feet elevation, the most pristine natural area in the country.Travel to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, there are two visitors centers, Sugarlands at Newfound Gap Road (828) 4361291 just south of Gatlinburg and Oconaluftee (828) 4971900.At Sugarlands you can watch a 20-minute film on the history of the park and exhibits of animal and plant life on the mountain.

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