Important Things You Need To Know About London Minicabs

Important Things You Need To Know About London Minicabs

In the UK’s capital city of London, the word minicab simply refers to a private car for hire. A minicab comes with a personal driver. If you are new in the city of London, it would be important to know how to find your way around one of the world’s largest cities. When it comes to moving from one point to another, you will find minicabs quite helpful and convenient. However, there are some important facts that you need to know about the minicabs to avoid any confusion. Has gathered some facts/ recommendations on London minicabs.

  • How Is A Minicab Different From A Taxi?

Taxis in London are normally licensed black cabs while minicabs are private hires. They both operate under the laws and regulations from by the city mayor’s office. However, while you can hail a taxi on the road, the minicab must always be pre-booked.

This means that you have to call a minicab firm to book your ride well in advance. This is done for safety purposes since the ride is traceable due to the records of booking. As for taxis, you can always hail one down by the roadside and if it is free, it has to take you wherever you want.Hence, minicabs are automatically safer when compared to taxis.

What Are Some Of The Safety Precautions That You Need When Using London Minicabs?

This is not to say that the city of London is unsecure, but there are crimes in each city across the world. Although London is rated as one of the safest capital cities in the world, there can’t miss some isolated cases where travellers have found themselves in trouble for using untrustworthy means of transport.

There are a number of precautions that visitors in London can take in order to ensure that they remain safe while using minicabs for their transportation around the city. If you are new in London, he following are some of the most common and helpful safety measures that you can take:

  • Never accept to be driven in a minicab from an unknown source. All minicabs belong to licenced firms.
  • Minicabs can never be hired off the streets. Only taxis or black cabs, as London taxis are commonly known, can be hailed on the streets. They will usually have a yellow light on them when they are available for hire. As for the minicabs, you have to call or go to the firm personally in order to make an advance booking.
  • If you are staying in a hotel, ask for a list of legitimate minicab firms in the city that you can call and get a minicab anytime you need one. Most hotels provide their clients with such lists well in advance. This will ensure that you only book a minicab from a legitimate source. This will save you from any frauds and security risks.
  • You need to know that using a minicab that is not officially booked in advance is illegal since you will not be covered by the insurers of minicab firm, in case of an accident or if something goes wrong.

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