Ming Tombs and Ming Tombs Reservior Travel visit With Car Rental

Ming Tombs and Ming Tombs Reservior Travel visit With Car Rental

A special tour in Beijing is Beijing car rental tour. Having a Beijing car rental tour with private driver and tour guide, you will enjoy it happily. Are you interested in Beijing Ming Tombs? A Beijing Ming Tombs tour is one scenic spot in Beijing car rental tour.

Ming Tombs, the graves of Chinese emperors, is located in Tianshou Mountain of Yan Mountain ranges in Changping District which in the northwest of Beijing. Tourists will arrive at Ming Tombs conveniently with Beijing car rental. This area became tombs from 7th year of Yongle as Chang Ling to the last emperor Chongzhen Emperor was buried into Si Ling with 230 years.

During these 230 years, this area was built 13 emperors tombs, 7 imperial concubine tombs and 1 eunuch tomb including 13 emperors, 23 empresses, 2 prince, over 30 imperial concubines and 1 eunuch in Ming Tombs. You will see its great in Beijing car rental tour. Ming Tombs is surrounded by group mountains, the middle plain, and there is a river before Ming Tombs. The 13 tombs were built depending on mountains, which distributed in east, west and north mountains, and shape the graves in complete system, grand scale and magnificent momentum.

Near Ming Tombs, there is a beautiful place-Ming Tombs Reservoir. In Beijing car rental tour, you can enjoy this reservoir by the way.

Ming Tomb Reservoir sits at the southeast of Ming Tombs basin and 40km from Beijing city in Beijing car rental tour. The acreage of Ming Tomb Reservoir is 20 times larger than Kunming Lake in Summer Palace. Ming Tomb Reservoir was built between Mangshan Mountain and Hanbao Mountain. The slope of Ming Tomb Reservoir has its name which written by Chairman Mao in Beijing car rental tour. The visiting lounge with classic style was built on the top of dam. There are art shops, cold drink shops and snack counter.

The both sides of dame have marinas for tourists traveling in Ming Tomb Reservoir. Because drought and less rain several years ago, the pondage of Ming Tomb Reservoir become less and less. In 1984, the water of Baihebao Reservoir was importing to Ming Tomb Reservoir, the reservoir turned grander. After the project of bringing water, the water surface becomes wide as well as before and the water is clear and vivid.

Beijing car rental tour will take you to many scenic spots with good service. So, Beijing car rental tour is an ideal choice in so many Beijing tours.

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