Northern and Southern Polar Travel Destination

Northern and Southern Polar Travel Destination

The frigid zones which are the northern and southern Polar Regions are areas dominated by polar ice caps. Resting respectively on the arctic and Antarctica oceans, the polar sea is currently fading away due to the effects of global warming.

Distinguished from the two other biomatic and climatic belts which are the equator and the middle latitude, the polar region receives less solar radiation but never the less, the flora and fauna found in this area are captivating to the eyes and thus build an essential feature for tourists, explorer and researchers to fundamentally tour, explore and research.

Supporting species that can never be found in any other regions apart from the northern and southern polar, it is thus essential for one to visit these areas in order to popularize himself with the biodiversity nature has to offer.

Starting with the Antarctic mountains, having a closer look at the northern polar bears and the southern polar region penguins, this are the essential feature for nay tourist and person who wants to travel to the northern and southern polar regions.

Purple Aurora:

The polar scenes comprising of the polar ice stream, purple aurora and the southern pole at a telescopic image, this scenes are very attractive and very enticing for any traveler.

The krill of the Antarctica which is the keystone species of the southern poll comprises of whales, seals, penguins, icefish, squids albatrosses and some bird species is such an exquisite site to visit.

The ocean in both the northern and southern poles is full of phytoplankton because the ice continent water rises from the depth to the upper less flooded surface. This process brings nutrients to these regions and this nutrient is the support to the many distinguishable living organisms living in this regions.

The southern beach and the forests of pod carps constitute the Antarctic flora. This flora currently found in the Southern geotropic in southern America and Australia are essential travel sites for an individual visiting the southern polar region.

The arctic ocean in the northern hemisphere is the smallest among the five major oceanic divisions but is covered by sea ice thought the year. The temperature and salinity of these regions vary as the ice melts and freezes.

The northern and southern polar travel vacations are not only attractive but a unique travel destination that one should visit in life.

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