Train travel and general information

Train travel and general information

The UK, in general, has a good transportation system. It might not be the best, but it is way better than many other countries in the world. Therefore, if you choose to ride the train or bus to move to different parts of the country, it is fine.

It is better though if you opt for a private bus. This fits everyone in your group in the same vehicle. You can also control the schedule. It might be more expensive, but you can decide on every detail. You won’t even have to worry that you are behind schedule since you can just make adjustments. These are the important events and activities where a private bus would be perfect.

Airport transfer:

After a long flight, the next thing you want to do is just sleep. Everyone else in your group also feels the same way. This is not possible when you have to wait at the airport and queue up. Hire a private bus that will pick you up at the exit and bring you to your destination right away.


You don’t want people to be late for the wedding. You also don’t want them to feel uncomfortable. Most of all, women at weddings don’t want their dresses to be crumpled. Therefore, renting a bus for the entire entourage and special guests is a good choice. You can easily bring them to the destination and start the ceremony on time. You will also ensure their safety.


There are buses that are meant for parties. They can be used for bachelor, stag and victory parties. Some buses are equipped with sound systems, poles for dancing and karaoke if you want to have the best party ever. You can even request a personal assistant so that you can just eat and drink whatever you want while on the bus. This is a good option since it keeps everyone safe. The driver will not drink and will bring everyone home safely.

Team transportation:

Going to different places for a sporting event is not easy. As a leader, you have to keep everyone safe. When you are travelling with a large group, you might find it difficult to control each member. You will end up late if you decide to commute. You better rent a private bus so that you can leave when everyone is ready but also wait if someone is late.

School trips:

Schools have educational trips all the time. Sometimes, kids can be really rowdy and out of control. This is a headache for the teachers. Students might get lost or confused if they are not on the same bus. You should hire a bus from the same company so that everyone will be safe until arrival at school.

Hiring a private bus is best for these occasions, take a look at minibus hire in Bicester. It can accommodate around 10 to 15 people depending on the specific model you choose, and it is also an affordable choice.

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