Using a Linen Service Ensures Business Success in the Hospitality Industry

Using a Linen Service Ensures Business Success in the Hospitality Industry

Using a linen service for your restaurant or hotel is a great way to provide your customers with the luxury and thoughtfulness they expect. If you run a fine dining enterprise, serviettes and tablecloths make the experience just that much more elegant. The same holds true when you make use of a linen service for your bed sheets and towels for a hotel property. This kind of amenity is always a sign that a business really cares about making a first-rate impression.

Reducing the Labour Cost:

As many on-site managers who oversee a laundry know, the cost of labour usually makes up half of the operational expenses. Second to the cost of using labour is the replacement of the linens. In order to preserve their investment and save money, hotel properties are now regularly using linen service companies.

Streamline Housekeeping Tasks:

You can also make it easier on yourself by having at least three sets of linens for each bed on hand at all times. This is easier to accomplish if you use the services of a linen provider. When you use three sets, the rotation is more efficient. Whilst one set is used, the second set is being processed and a third set is ready for use. This process works out well in hotels that launder in-house as well. However, the whole process becomes even more streamlined when a linen service is used regularly.

In addition, if a hotel features a fine dining restaurant, it can use the same service that provides it with bed and bath linens for obtaining serviettes, tablecloths and clothing. Needless to say, working in the hospitality industry underscores the need for partnering with a linen service company.

Add to Your Business’s Bottom Line:

After all, time is money and if you spend a great deal of time washing linens, you can actually neglect the needs of your customers. Therefore, you need to contact a linen provider. Choose Stalbridge Linen hire in the south east of England or choose providers in the north or west. Wherever you are located, making use of such a company can provide long-lasting and profitable benefits.

Having a set of linens on hand, whether they are sheets, pillowcases or towels, helps all the members in a hotel function much more efficiently. Because labour is the largest cost for a hotel manager, a property needs to be well organised. Therefore, a system for inventorying and laundering linens, whether it is through an outsource or on site, needs to be in place.
Ensure the Looks of Your Linens with a Linen Service Company

In most cases, you will find that expending the money to pay for a linen service is well worth the cost. Using a service provider cuts down on both water and soap usage. It also preserves the looks of the linens that you display. If you buy the linens yourself, they can start to look a little shabby or worn after a while, which causes you to continually update and buy new linens. With a linen service, you can be assured that the linens you display will always look clean and in pristine shape.

You can also obtain chef’s wear from a linen service. Therefore, to make the most of a linen service, you need to partner with a business that offers linens for both hotels and restaurants. If you are managing a restaurant, you should be able to obtain both chef’s and restaurant wear as well as table cloths and serviettes from the service. Needless to say, if you want to make a good impression on your hotel or restaurant guests, you cannot bypass the importance of outsourcing your linen usage.

Allow Your Linens to ‘Rest’

By using a linen service, you can store the linens so they also have time to ‘rest’. Linens should be given a period of 24 hours before they are fitted to a bed. This way, the fibres can relax, which evens out any wrinkling and prevents stiffness. And, when you use a professional linen service, you can prevent the issue of over-drying, which can happen often in a hotel’s laundry room.

In fact, one recent survey revealed that almost 80% of commercial laundry experts believe that linens are over-dried by eight minutes per cycle. Over-drying is the fastest way to destroy a linen. That is why you need to ensure that the material is handled expertly and carefully.

Linen hire firms should offer commercial-grade linens, representing a range of bedding, clothing and table coverings. The goods featured should include such items as white duvet covers, 400 gsm or 500 gsm towels, and regular bed linens in cotton percale.

The way a linen hire operates is as follows:

The hotel or property requests that several sets of linen for each bed be delivered weekly. Having at least three times the linen necessary to set up a room is called having three par.
After the linen is changed, the dirty linens are collected for laundering. The delivery frequency is based on the activity levels of a hotel. The par and frequency of delivery are coordinated so that it’s ensured hoteliers never run out of their precious inventory.

If you use a linen service, you have more adaptability in changing the profile of stocks, especially if you change the furnishings. This cost-effective service allows you to avoid tying up cash that is invested in linen. Any worn linen is replaced without cost. Using a linen hire company also ensures that the linen will be commercial grade and of a premium standard.

If you own a property that sees a good deal of hotel or restaurant traffic, then you owe it to yourself as well as your customers to use a linen service provider to reduce the costs of labour and provide your clientele with the highest level of service. You don’t want your housekeeping staff to spend half its time doing the laundry and servicing rooms. Nor do you want to use napkins or tablecloths that are less than premium quality in a fine dining restaurant.

Keep track of your stock by hiring a linen service company. That way, you will remove some of the hassles that can come up each day in operating a restaurant or hotel.

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